ABLE-PHONE is a leading manufacturer of adaptive telephones.  We have been producing telephones for over 20 years. ABLE-PHONE is the result of the re-directed efforts of a company started in 1960. In 1985 our product developer became acutely aware of the needs of the physically disabled following a diving injury to his stepson resulting in a 4-5-6 incomplete quadriplegic teenager.  Our developer noticed the unfortunate lack of functional, affordable equipment available to persons with physical disabilities.  Thus, we have dedicated our energies to enhance the quality of life and provide reliability and freedom to persons with physical disabilities.

ABLE-PHONE develops and manufactures voice activated phones and hands free telephones designed to be used by persons with little or no use of their arms and hands such as quadriplegics. All ABLE-PHONE products can be operated without the need to manipulate any type of switch. In order to accomplish this, we developed a proprietary whistle detection circuit that commands the functions of our phones. Our whistle detector circuit will accept a range of frequencies so you do not have to whistle a particular frequency or pitch. ABLE-PHONE offers telephones from the traditional Puff-N-Sip to the state-of-the-art voice activated phones.

WHY DO WE USE WHISTLE CONTROL? Our extensive research and field testing determined that a whistle is sufficiently different from usual sounds to permit selective HANDS FREE telephone operation.  Our phones will recognize a whistle tone within a range of frequencies so you don't have to hit a particular note thereby making operation very easy.  In addition, we provide a jack on our ABLE-PHONES so you can connect your favorite adaptive switch if desired.

IS VOICE RECOGNITION RIGHT FOR ME?  Voice recognition is convenient and user-friendly but does have some pitfalls and drawbacks----NOISE. Noise is any sound in the room other than your speech such as a TV, radio, medical equipment, speech from other people in the room, air conditioners, etc.  Here's why:  As part of the original setup; you record your custom dialing commands (names) such as "call John", " call Hospital", etc.  The voice recognition dialer records your names, and every other sound in the room at the time.  When you later command the phone to dial with a name command the dialer is going to look for the exact same sounds that it "digitized" when you first programmed the unit.  If there are any significant differences in your voice or background noises, the dialer will not recognize the name command.   If your speech changes significantly from morning to night or day to day, speech recognition is probably not for you.  Most speech recognition products for computers and industrial equipment require that you wear a headset to minimize outside interference.   We utilize a state-of-the-art voice recognition design in order to allow us to provide speakerphone operation without a headset.


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